The Great Reevaluation (vs Resignation)

Many people are talking about the Great Resignation, but I think Resignation is only one manifestation of the changing talent landscape. It is more like a Great Reevaluation.

During the past 18 months many people have changed their work habits. I exclude essential workers -who have my constant thanks for the sacrifices they make.

Many of us now work remotely, commute less, travel less, spend more time with family, and in all likelihood have been reevaluating our lives – particularly in light of a potential return to work/office.

Has it triggered the Great Resignation? I think it is more a Great Reevaluation, as folks re-examine how they want to spend their time, for whom they wish to work, and what they want their lives and purpose to be.

Taking time to reevaluate your purpose is a good thing and if it causes you to change direction after thoughtful consideration – wonderful!

There is also a massive demand for digital talent, and when combined with the DEI imperative, there is a big war for talent. A number of people are moving to better positions/organizations as they evaluate their career prospects. I have personally not seen a market as hot as this in almost 20 years! And with this level of change and disruption – there is always opportunity. Carpe Diem.

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